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# The idea behind this website:

The author has participated in so many seminars and workshop in between 2004 and 2016 and also received certificates of that which were written by pen on a printed paper. Here nothing was unusual as it is the convention and easy way to the organisers. But those certificates strikes some issue in his mind. Those are...

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# Issues of conventional certificates given in seminars and workshop:

1. Certificates may be manipulated by pen: as the certificates are written by the pen, it may be manipulated easily by pen by the candidates or by anyone else. (view example)
2. Titles of the papers are incomplete and ambiguous:as the certificates are written by hand in the limited space, sometimes it is not possible to write full information especially which are very long in respect of the provided space. As a result, these documents became quite ambiguous.
3. Certificates have no reference No.: Author thinks the most important weak point of those certificates (view a sample) is the lack of Sl. No. or any kind of reference number by it could be tracked. It has opened so many possibilities of being faked e.g.
  1. A candidate may change his/ her nature of participation in the event.(view a sample)
  2. The fake certificate may be prepared in the name of a candidate who has not participated at all.
  3. Fake certificates may be prepared in the name of a seminar/ workshop which was not held at all.
  4. Fake certificates may be signed by persons who are not concerned at all.

4. Certificates contain only candidates name as ID of the holder:

As most of the certificates contain only candidates name as ID of its holder, it can be easily used by another person with the same name. There are so many examples like this.
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# Security of the documents given by Educational Board/ Council/ Universities etc.

Feature 1. Printed:

Protection: Manipulation by a pen is not possible.

Manipulation by typewriter/ printer is possible. See example

Feature 2. Contains Sl. No.:

Protection: If something changed/manipulated in the documents, it may be verified from the record of the issuing authority.

It's not always possible to verify the documents from the record of issuing authority, especially its quite impossible to verify the documents in the interview board.


Feature 3. Contain candidate's Photo:

Protection: May not be used easily by another person with the same name.

Gap: Picture may be changed with a computer.

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# Solution to the present issue of documentation:

1. Computer printed:

Documents should be completely computer printed without leaving any space (as far as possible) in between words. Different font and/or style may be used in the variable fields but not the bland spaces. It may reduce the scope of manipulation of the documents.
View example gap >no gap

2. Serial No:

Every document should contain a precise, meaningful, unique serial number.
View example with slash> no slash

3. Candidate's photo:

For instant identification of the candidate, it is a good idea to insert candidate's picture on the document.

4. Should contain Permanent ID No.:

With the ageing, candidates face may be changed, but his/her permanent ID number (e.g. EPIC, AADHAR etc.) would not be changed. So every document of a candidate should contain permanent ID number.

5. Online store with search facility:

All the records of important documents should be stored online and there should be a link to verify the documents in need. Demo

6. Separate Body:

All the above-mentioned tasks may be nested on a unanimously accepted separate body, which will do these in a professional and efficient way. Not only that, it may help in so many other ways e.g.
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# The benefit of Separate Body for Documentation:

a. These will unify the standard of the documents.

b. It may keep records of all the documents of all concerned Institutions and organisations. So,
c. There would be no need of costly dedicated/VPS web server (which is mandatory for a website with a database) for every institution.
d. Efficient professional webmaster of the concerned body may design, maintain and process the web form, databases and everything related to it.
e. It will be easy and economic for the professional to prepare ID card, admit card, mark sheet, certificate etc. in an efficient and scientific way. For verification, every document may be searchable and verifiable on the website of the concerned body and the Institute.
f. For academic bodies, there would be no need of collecting/maintaining separate alumni list or their contact details, as; immediate after the publication of result, the contact details of passed out students may be handed over to the concerned alumni association.

g. This may also act as a monitoring body to monitor the occasional events, whether it was held or not; if held, who were the host, authorised signatory, their identity etc.
Keeping all these things in mind, the author has launched this website and establish Docu to act as the above-mentioned intermediate body.

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