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Stop Fake Documents Now -An appeal to the Academic Heads

Respected Sir,
It is to bring your kind attention regarding the risk of imitating of conventional marks sheet, certificate etc., which are offered to the outgoing students. Students are admitted

Students get certificates in convocation

Conventional marks sheet, certificate etc are very easy to be duplicated/ copied

to your institute, studied hard, devote few years for their hard research work and at the end, they go back with one two pieces of paper ( obviously they also learn alot of things)


as the proof of their hard work/study. But could you give any assurance that these piece of papers ( i.e. certificates) are unique; no one can grab these papers without administration, hard study or research works? I think this assurance would be given 10-15 years back, but today it is not possible. Maybe it is not possible to make a false certificate 100% similar to the original. But to an expert with the help of a computer, scanner, photo editing software etc it is not impossible to make almost similar false certificates. It is not also very tough to collect similar quality of paper or printing. Then where is the value of hard work or study; where is the justice to them who have paid for it.



It is very tough to distinguish the fake ‘Originals’ in the Interview Board

Still, if you think, it’s OK, it’s not possible to make 100% duplicate of our certificate or we have taken so many security measures to prevent this type of malpractice. Then I will request you to please give me one minute more, only one minute. Imagine a situation where you are in an interview board and I am a candidate with few fake ‘original’ certificates, I have also some actual original certificates. Some of my certificates are laminated, some are not. In the session of the interview, there are almost 30 candidates, you have only 3 hours i. e. per candidates not more than 6 minutes. in this 6 minutes you have to verify my originals ( at least 12 in number) whether those are true or not, compare it with its photocopy, you have to know me and have to ask some questions to evaluate me etc. In this period is it possible for you to segregate my false original’? Even if you employ somebody for this verification, still he/ she would not get enough time. Not only that, he/ she would not get any/ enough tool to distinguish false ‘original’. Remember you have only a few minutes to examine my certificate, but I can expend hours, days, weeks even months. I can hire experts for the job, I can expend thousands of rupees for that as still, it is ‘profitable’ to me compared to the actual cost of a certificate ( money, time, the labour of a course). Still, if you think you could distinguish my false certificates in the interview; I would not waste your time anymore, already I have consumed your one minute, I bagged for.

More profitable and risk-free than duplicating a currency (e.g. Rupee) Note

You are probably thinking that though it is possible to make a false certificate, but students of our society do not do so, as there is no such evidence. I am also not talking about evidence, I am just talking about possibilities. Do you know any person who makes duplicate currency note? probably not, but there is! Now compare the difficulties, risk and profit of duplicating notes vs duplicating certificates. Making duplicate note is very tough as there are more than 15 complex security measures but in the certificate, there is almost nothing to prevent duplication. In a lifetime of a note, it will be checked hundreds time whereas a certificate will be checked only a few times. If I would able to produce a false note of Rs 2000, my profit will be only Rs 2000; but if I would be able to produce a fake certificate to get a job, my life will be secure.
Solution- Online Certification: Still, you are reading this, that means you are also thinking of me and you are seeking for a solution to stop this type of malpractice. Now imagine if you would upload the certificate details of outgoing students in a secured web server which is accessible from your website then these false certificates would loose their value’ and actual certificate holders would get justice. Whenever a candidate would apply far a course/job, the respective authority would get the necessary information to verify the certificate of the particular candidate. Not only that, this verification process would not be bounded on interview session. Doesn’t it? I have talked too much. I will take a tea break. You may also take a break.
Cost- almost nothing: I think you are thinking about two aspects of the proposed system; one is cost another is security. About cost, I can say that it can be implemented free of cost. yes, it would cost nothing. How? if I am not wrong, you already have an online form fill up system. Ask the system manager to upload the details, maintain it securely and make a link to verify the individual document in a secure way. If he/ she refused to do so, you may ask me. I can take the whole responsibility.
Security- depends on System Manager: Then the most important things are the security of the information. In this regards, I can’t say anything about any third person. But if you trust me I can assure you that, I will protect the information with latest security tools, so that this information can’t be stolen, altered or manipulated. Though I believe nothing is unbreakable in this universe, nevertheless I believe this online certification system is thousands of times secured than the conventional certification systems.
Still, you may have some questions, if you have, you may call me at 9134186594/ 9143521982, or mail me atĀ  or just reply to this blog.

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