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The Principal of colleges.

Sub: Introduction of a new generation ID card.

Respected Sir/Madam,
This is to introduce you to a new generation Identity Card. I have attached herewith a sample card for your ready reference. Please notice the card, you may find the features as follow:
1. Name of the Card

2. Institute’s Logo

3. Institute’s Name

4. Institute’s Address

5. Institute’s Contact Number

6. Institute’s website

7. ID Card Number (8 digits alphanumeric random number)

8. Student’s Name

9. Student’s Aadhar Number

10. Student’s Status (eg. M.Sc. Student/Student of Master Degree/ Research Scholar etc.)

11. Student’s Department

12. Student’s Date of Birth

13. Student’s Blood Gr.

14. Student’s Phone Number

15. Student’s Email ID

16. Student’s Guardian’s Name and relationship

17. Student’s Guardian’s Contact Number

18. Issue Date of the Card

19. Maximum Validity Period of the Card

20. Barcode of the Card Number

21. QR-code of the Card Number

22. Instruction about card validation

Among the above-mentioned features, I will emphasise on some of them e.g.
ID Number: It is an eight digit alphanumeric random number. This number can be used to validate the card online from the website A verification link may also be provided to your Institute’s official website. It may help to validate the suspicious card.
Being randomly selected it is very difficult to guess a student’s card number without having it. It may prevent the unauthorised search of the card. ( the Random number may be replaced with a Sl. No. like this SUID170015 where SU= abbreviation of Institute, ID= document type, 17= issue year, 0015= serial number of that type of documents.)
Being alphanumeric a 12 digit decimal number can be stored in only 8 digits. It will help the students to remember his/her card number and also reduce the probability to guess other’s card number.
Aadhaar Number will be helpful to identify the candidate more precisely. It will also be helpful to provide the Aadhaar link services to the candidate.
Candidate’s contact information, Blood group, Guardian’s contact information may be helpful at the time of emergency, accident etc.
Barcode and QR code may be helpful for instant and fast identification of the candidate from the local database (with or without the internet).
Instruction about card validation is a very important instruction to prevent fake card. As whatever may be the quality of a card, it is not possible to prevent the generation of similar quality fake card. But unless the authorised persons, no one can change your institute’s official website. So, whenever a card is used (inside or outside the Institute) anyone can be able to verify the card for its authenticity.
Features omitted from the conventional ID card are signatures and official stamp. As we think scanned signature does not provide any security from being faked, and today any type of stamp cam be made from its impression which cost no more than Rs. 50.
I hope you have read this letter thoroughly. Now I have a request please give us a feedback about the concept of the card. The feedback form is attached herewith. You may also give us feedback online. For the purpose please go to
If you want to use this type of card for your institute, you may order us for the same. You may give us information (as soft copy in prescribed format), alternatively, we will provide an online form (free of cost) to collect the required information.

We design this type of card with a rate as low as Rs 2 (only two) per card. We also provide free online ID verification support. For details please contact us. The order form is attached herewith. Order may also be placed online at
We have also many other products like
1. Online form for Admission / Examination

2. E-Admit Card

3. Photo badge for an occasional event like Reunion, Hall-day, Convocation etc.

4. Online Result

5. Online registration for an occasional event like Seminar, Workshop etc.

For details please visit our website
Thank you for your patience reading,
Thanks Again,
Ajoy Ghosh

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