Terms & Conditions

1. Documents
2. Certificate
3. Candidate
1. Who can avail the service?
2. Mode of Service
3. Privacy and Security of data
4. Collection of Application Fees
5. Cost of product & service
6. Payment to ‘Docu’



In the website www.docu.co.in there are so many terms, some of them are as follow:
1. Documents:
Documents describe any type of written records which are offered to the students of an academic institute or to the participants of a seminar workshop etc. as a proof of something.

2. Certificate:
Certificate describe that particular document which is offered to a student or a participating candidate as a recognition of fulfilling of an or some conditions e.g qualifying an examination, successfully delivery of a lecture etc.
3. Candidate:
A Candidate is a person who is applying for an examination, admission or wants to participate in a programme, of a seminar, workshop, reunion etc.


1. Who can avail the service?
Services of ‘docu.co.in’ are for the institute or organisations which are either government operated/ govt aided or govt recognised. Services are also provided to any temporary body or committee which belongs to these organisation or institution. No service will be provided to a body or organisation/ institution which is nonregistered/ non-recognised.
By accepting the terms and conditions implies that you belong to any of the eligible categories. After implementation/starting of service, if it is found in future that the concerned body/ committee/institution/organisation does not belong to the eligible category, the service will be stopped revoked; But in no case, the paid money will be refunded.
2. Mode of Service:
‘Docu’ provides various types of service which are mainly related to ‘online forms’. All the forms and its related data are kept protected in its own server with top level security. But at the same time, it also allows access to the concerned institute or organisation to the data related to them, via a secure and confidential web link; as and when required.
3. Privacy and Security of data:
Docu’ will not disclose or distribute candidate’s data to any third party, unless the candidate applied to any other institute or organisation with the same data stored in Docu’. ‘Docu’ will also take security measure to protect the candidates’ data from being altered, damage, or loss. But ‘Docu’ never give any guarantee from being so.
4. The collection of Application fees:
‘Docu’ do not provide any fees collection facility to anybody/institution/organisation. It also has no integrated payment gateway system. It only provides the facility to collect information about the payment to the concerned institution or organisation but does not provide any guarantee of the authenticity of the information provided.
Concerned institute/ organisation may continue to collect fees offline or online system (if already they have). If a concerned institute or organisation wants to adopt online payment system, ‘Docu’ may help with a third party payment gateway (e.g. ‘instamojo’), but ‘Docu’ will never be responsible for any issue arising in payment collection.
5. The cost of product & service:
‘Docu’ has a wide range of product and service. Many of the product are available in free of cost (for details please visit ‘product facility and price’ page). ‘Docu’ has full right to add or apply advertisements to these free products. Any major change in the sample products is also chargeable.
All the free products and services may also be purchased with fees. The minimum cost of a product or service is Rs. 1000 (One thousand). The actual cost of a service or product will be determined by the rate (for details please visit product and price page) of that particular product/ service multiplied by the number of candidates (unless it is less than minimum cost).
6. Payment to ‘docu.co.in’:
All payment to ‘docu.co.in’ will be in favour of “Routh Enterprise, 443, Maszid Bati Road, Ward No. 11, Kanchrapara, North 24 Parganas, W.B.  the payment will be treated as done after the successful transaction of the same and the date of transaction will be treated as the date of order.
This article (Terms and conditions) is written for and applies solely to the website www.docu.co.in but not to any other website/anything related/non-related to this. Authority has also full right to alter, add or delete some/any part of this article without any prior notice to anybody.